What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Nathanael December 4, 2014 0

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Lets get to this as quick as possible. Watch the video below, then read below the video if you would like a written version of this blog post. Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Internet affiliate marketing is a form of operation-based advertising where a company rewards more or one affiliates for client or each visitor brought by the own advertising attempts of the affiliate. To give you a clear vision of this check out the example In the video or the written example below.

If an affiliate decides to promote a product/course that offers 50% commissions. The affiliate will receive half of the sale everytime he gets a customer to purchase the product/course via his special affiliate tracking linke. Sound simple? so if the product costs $50, the affiliate would get $25 per sale. Its that simple. That is affiliate marketing. As far as how to become an affiliate. All you need to do is sign up to an affiliate network like Clickbank.Com , Clicksure.Com, and or JvZoo.Com.

The struggle is not understand what is affiliate marketing, but it is understand and trying to make money with affiliate marketing. I have actually made an entire blog post about how to make money with affiliate marketing. Clickwhat is affiliate marketing here to go ahead and check that out.


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