What Is Search Engine Optimization

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In this post you will find out what is search engine optimization and how does it work. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below. Without further a do, below is a video and a written explanation.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the procedure for optimizing how many visitors to a website that was particular by making sure the website seems at the top of the set returned by means of an internet search engine. In other words its what you do to make sure your website appears high in the search results. When you appear one page one of the search results, you get more free visitors.

This is why search engine optimization is so appealling to internet marketers. Not only is SEO targated traffic but unlike paid traffic, seo is free organic traffic. There are some expenses that come along with SEO but no where near what you have to spend compared to paid advertising. Here is an example of search engine optimization.

seoOk in this example there is an affiliate that wants to get free targeted traffic in order to get sales via his affiliate link that promotes weight loss product. The keyword “how to lose weight” gets 110,00 searches per month on Google.

This means that if he gets his page to rank on the first page of Google, he will get thousands of visitors interested in losing weight to view his page. This in turn will lead to HUGE profits because they will see the course about weight loss in his website and purchase it via his affiliate link. That is the goal, the goal is to rank for a certain keyword on google in order to get free targeted traffic.

The process for ranking a page or video on Google can get exgtremely compicated due to consistant search engine algorithm updates. I will have an upcomgin tutorial on how to rank a web page or video on Google however if you are interested in my recommeneded course for learn search engine optimization click on the button below.

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