How To Make Money With Email Marketing

Nathanael December 4, 2014 1

Hey there,

Once again im here with my latest tutorial on how to make money with email marketing. Once you’ve gone through the tutorial feel fee to leave a comment down below.

How To Make Money With Email Marketing

As you can see from the video above, email marketing can be used for either short term or long term income. If you take the short term route, you will see results faster and will probably see lots of profits. However this is short term and wont last long. If you plan on make money with email marketing in the long run its best you take the long term route.

First you must create a set of follow up messages tailored for the specific niche that you are in. Every follow up message should not contain an affiliate link as that will make your subscribers lose trust in you. The #1 thing you want for long term success in email marketing is an email list of subscribers who trust you.

Second make sure you provide your subscribers with valuable information. You cant have the selfish mentality if expecting to recieve without giving. Even if you think the information is too good to give away for free, sometimes you have to be willing to give this away for free in order to gain trust from your subscribers. Make it a goal to ACTUALLY help your subscribers reach their goal.

Also try not to be recognized as a spammer. Dont send more than one message everyday. I think one message everyday is too much. Some emal marketers keep their follow up interval to one message every 2 days or more. This gives you space to send a broadcast message whenever you need to send it whether it be an important message, or you need to make some quick cash with a promotional email message.

I really hope you liked this tutorial about how to make money with email marketing. As seen in the video above, Aweber is the best service you can use to begin profiting from email marketing.

Click the button below to sign up to the Aweber email marketing service to begin trying to profit from email marketing. Once you’ve obtained your own aweber account click here for my recommended course about profiting and possibly making thousands a month with email marketing.

how to make money with email marketing

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