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Hey there,

money making website ideasIt is now time for me to release this top secret information to you. Lol this may not be top secret but it definitely is some information that can help you out. These money making website ideas should help you get started creating your very own blog. With that said lets get started.

Money Making Website Ideas

When trying to build a profitable website, try not thinking too much about earning money from it. Most newbie internet marketers who start a website refuse to give valuable information to readers, yet they expect to make money from their website. I

If you want to avoid a waste of time, it should be the other way around. Dont be afraid to give away information that you think should be in a product or something. This is what makes you unique. This is what makes readers continue reading your website. In the end the results are tons of loyal readers and customers.

Now lets get straight into the ideas. It does not matter if your website is about gaming, sports, making money, dating tips, weight loss, or whatever you like, these money making website ideas can help you figure out the purpose of your very first blog.

  • Offer tutorial videos for common questions in your niche (category)
  • Write about basic, intermediate and advanced information in you niche. You will be amazed when you find out that not everyone is as advanced as you are in your niche. Beginner information that you may think is worthless can be gold to someone who is just getting started in your niche.
  • Review new and popular courses, and products in your niche. This will attract even more people in your niche making your blog bigger and bigger than what it already is.
  • Create a forum in your blog for readers to interact with eachother. If your website forum gets big enough, it will be that readers “Go-To” forum for asking questions on about that specific category.
  • When you are ready, create a product and sell it in on your website.

You may be thinking “wait a minute, the above are just ideas to get loyal readrs..How is it going to be a profitable website??”. Monetizing your site is the very last thing you should do. At leat make sure you have at least two to three pieces of valuable content on your site before monetizing it (making it profitable).

Here are a few ways to Monetize your website.

  • Add google Adsense ads to your website. This is completely free to do and your visitors wont have to spend a dime. Its a win-win situation. They click on an ad from google thats on your site, and google can pay up to $2 for every click
  • Promote affiliate products related to your niche on your website. You can recommend them in your tutorials, reviews, and information posts. For more information on affiliate marketing, check out my post What is affiliate marketing and my post how to make money with affiliate marketing.

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