Leads Tunnel Review – Should You Invest?

Nathanael February 21, 2016 0

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Its Nathanael here again. Today I will be giving you my full leads tunnel review, along with some information about the creators of this course. Just like every new internet marketing course out there, this one has lots of hype behind it. What makes this different from the others? What makes this course stand out?. We’ll find all of that out right now.

With that being said if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment down below. Right below this I Answer who is Anik Singal, if you want you can skip that by scrolling down straight to the review :)

Who Is Anik Singal

anik singal

Before We Get into the review, I’m sure most of you are fully aware of who Anik Singal is – but for those of you who aren’t here is a quick background history.This is the man behind the inbox blueprint 2.0 so you may be wondering who is he.

Anik is an expert internet marketer that has made millions of dollars online. The crazy part is that he has been doing this for ELEVEN YEARS! He has released courses in the past that have helped thousands of newbies reach their desired income goals. After cracking the code to online success, he has become an internet coach. Anik has made it possible for tons of his students to make more income from home than what they do at a good full time job!

Leads Tunnel Review

As you can see from the video above, this course is no scam. This is one of those few courses in the internet marketing industry that can give you the golden keys to success. It can also help in making your first commissions and making a living. With that said, click the button below to secure your membership before it closes to the public.


As you can see from my review video above, I was very impressed. I would still pay the investment fee even if all the Lead Tunnel course included was the training, yeah the training is that powerful! Below is an in depth written version of my Inbox Blueprint 2 review.

What Is Leads Tunnel?

I will try to explain this is clear as possible. Usually internet marketing courses focus on only on thing. The beauty about this is that it teaches you two huge things. This leads to even more profits. You will learn how to set up a funnel to collect emails. That is basically email marketing. You will also learn how to advertise on Facebook. Not only do you get that information, they also provide you with a software called the leads tunnel software that makes the manual work 10X easier. With all of the courses that I’ve reviewed in the past, I can tell you that even if they didnt include the software, it would still be worth the investment. The training is THAT powerful.

What Do You Get When You Join Leads Tunnel?


Welcome – This is like being held by the hand to get you from point A to point B. They tell you exactly how to get started & exactly what to do next.

FAQ & Integration – Here you can find shortcuts to the most important informative tutorial videos that can answer your questions. You can also search their huge knowledge base

Register For Leads Tunnel Software – This is self explanatory. Here you can register to use their web based software that makes advertising on facebook and collecting customers (leads) 10X easier

Leads Tunnel Software – Access To the software

Bonus FB Leads Academy – One couldnt possibly ask for more than this. Here he goes in depth on how to make sure you get targeted audience along with insider techniques to profiting from these Facebook ads

Bonus 30 Days sendlane – Here You get a 30 days free access to Sendlane. This is the world’s fastest growing Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Friendly Autoresponder.


FB Mastery Training – Here is where you have a set of in depth tutorial videos that show you “step by step” exactly how to set up these profitable Facebook ads

FB Mastery Community – A closed community of experienced Facebook advertisers, along with other Leads Tunnel members. Here you get questions answered and possibly even learn more lucrative methods.

Email Masters Training – This is basically email marketing in a box. If you still have no idea what email marketing is, why its so important, and why its so profitable, then this is for you. This takes you above and beyond. Learn the basics, and some great advanced techniques

Leads Tunnel Headliner – If you are into email marketing, you would probably join this membership just for this one tool, lol. If you have every struggled with coming up with headlines for your email broadcasts or follow ups, this is your solution. Its kind of like a search engine like google. Here is how it works. Type in one word or phrase and BAM!!!. It pulls up a list of converting email headlines you can use. Priceless.

Verdict – Recommended

You know by now that I don’t do “hype” and I don’t recommend things for the sake of ,but this is something you can’t afford to pass on. Most good courses like this are not always open to everyone to prevent saturation. Some courses have completely closed down to new members, who knows if that will happen again…Don’t miss out on this one guys! With That Said I hope you liked my Tunnel Leads Review and I hope it has helped you decide.



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