10 Easy Ways To Make Money

Nathanael January 8, 2015 1


Im super excited right now to bring you these 10 easy ways to make money. In todays world it seems like people are becoming lazier than ever. Everyone want to get rich in the easiest way possible. Im not saying that you will get rich off of these methods but here are 10 easy ways to make money.

  • Sell Unwanted Items in a yard sale, Ebay, etc…
  • Purchase commonly used items online like phone chargers etc for a cheaper than usual price and sell it in person for more
  • Donate your sperm to a sperm bank. You can get paid a very good amount of money if you do this weekly
  • Take online surveys. It is very boring but compared to other methods of making money online, its very easy.
  • Start a youtube channel and add google adsense ads to all of your videos. Over time as your channel/video views grow, so will your income. Also consider buying youtube views for your videos.
  • Recycle Scrap Metal at your local scrap yard. Do this and before you know you will have a couple hundred dollars to spend as you wish
  • Take A Part time job. Depending on how you view this and the job, its an easy task.
  • Get A Payday Loan – enjoy the fast cash advances.
  • Visit the pawn shop and pawn some items.
  • Become an affiliate marketer. This is not as diffuclt as having your own product/full blown home business.

I really hope this list has helped you out. If you are still interested in making a full time income from the comfort of your own home, click here to check out my post showing exactly how to do it. With that said I really hope you liked my post on 10 easy ways to make money fast.



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  1. Karl February 8, 2016 at 5:28 PM - Reply

    Yo Nath! I really admire your site and your videos. I would really like to be able to contact you and ask you some stuff I’m struggling to understand, any way this can be possible? I’m also 17 years old and I feel like since we’re the same age maybe I’ll be able to relate to what you’re doing. Thanks man, hope you get to responding 🙂

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